A proposal for a standard CORBA interface for genome maps

Emmanuel Barillot, Ulf Leser, Philip Lijnzaad, Christophe Cussat-Blanc, Kim Jungfer, Frédéric Guyon, Guy Vaysseix, Carsten Helgesen, Patricia Rodriguez-Tomé

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Motivation: The scientific community urgently needs to standarize the exchange of biological data. This is helped by the use of a common protocol and the definition of shared data structures. We have based our standardization work on CORBA, a technology that has become a standard in the past years and allows interoperability between distributed objects. Results: We have defined an IDL specification for genome maps and present it to the scientific communtiy. We have implemented CORBA severs based on this IDL to distribute RHdb and HuGeMap maps. The IDL will co-evolve with the needs of the mapping community. Availability: The standard IDL for genome maps is available at http://corba.ebi.ac.uk/RHdb/EUCORBA/MapIDL.html. The IORs to browse maps form Infobiogen and EBI are at http://www.infobiogen.fr/services/Hugemap/IOR and http://corba.ebi.ac.uk/RHdb/EUCORBA/IOR.

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StatusGepubliceerd - feb. 1999
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