An HMG-box-containing T-cell factor required for thymocyte differentiation

Sjef Verbeek, David Izon, Frans Hofhuis, Els Robanus-Maandag, Hein Te Riele, Marc Van De Watering, Mariette Oosterwegel, Anne Wilson, H. Robson MacDonald, Hans Clevers

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Two candidate genes for controlling thymocyte differentiation,T-cellfactor- 1 (Tcf-1) and lymphoid enhancer-binding factor (Lef-1), encode closely related DNA-binding HMG-box proteins1,2. Their expression pattern is complex and largely overlapping during embryogenesis, yet restricted to lymphocytes postnatally3. Here we generate two independent germline mutations in Tcf-1 and find that thymocyte development in (otherwise normal) mutant mice is blocked at the transition from the CD8+, immature single-positive to the CD4+/CD8+ double-positive stage. In contrast to wild-type mice, most of the immature single-positive cells in the mutants are not in the cell cycle and the number of immunocompetent T cells in peripheral lymphoid organs is reduced. We conclude that Tcf-1 controls an essential step in thymocyte differentiation.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 1995
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