An Overview of Liver Directed Locoregional Therapies

Diederik J. Höppener, Dirk J. Grünhagen, Alexander M.M. Eggermont, Astrid A.M. van der Veldt, Cornelis Verhoef

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An overview of all liver-directed locoregional therapies, including surgical resection for melanoma liver metastases (MLMs), is provided. MLM patients are divided by their primary melanoma location; cutaneous, uvea (eye), and mucosal melanoma. If patients with isolated cutaneous MLMs are considered for surgical resection, treatment with systemic therapy should be part of the treatment course. For uveal MLMs, complete surgical or ablative treatment of all MLMs suggests superior results compared with other liver-directed or systemic therapies, based on current evidence, no recommendations for any liver-directed regional therapy in the treatment of mucosal MLMs can be made.

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TijdschriftSurgical Oncology Clinics of North America
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StatusGepubliceerd - jan. 2021


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