Anticancer innovative therapy congress: Highlights from the 10th anniversary edition

Francesca De Santis, Giovanni Fucà, Dirk Schadendorf, Alberto Mantovani, Luca Magnani, Michael Lisanti, Stephen Pettitt, Matteo Bellone, Giannino Del Sal, Saverio Minucci, Alexander Eggermont, Paolo Bruzzi, Silvio Bicciato, Pierfranco Conte, Roberta Noberini, John Hiscott, Filippo De Braud, Michele Del Vecchio, Massimo Di Nicola

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During the Tenth Edition of the Annual Congress on “Anticancer Innovative Therapy” [Milan, 23/24 January 2020], experts in the fields of immuno-oncology, epigenetics, tumor cell signaling, and cancer metabolism shared their latest knowledge on the roles of i] epigenetics, and in particular, chromatin modifiers, ii] cancer metabolism, iii] cancer stem cells [CSCs], iv] tumor cell signaling, and iv] the immune system. The novel therapeutic approaches presented included epigenetic drugs, cell cycle inhibitors combined with ICB, antibiotics and other off-label drugs, small-molecules active against CSCs, liposome-delivered miRNAs, tumor-specific CAR-T cells, and T-cell–based immunotherapy. Moreover, important evidence on possible mechanisms of resistance to these innovative therapies were also discussed, in particular with respect to resistance to ICB. Overall, this conference provided scientists and clinicians with a broad overview of future challenges and hopes to improve cancer treatment reasonably in the medium-short term.

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TijdschriftCytokine and Growth Factor Reviews
StatusGepubliceerd - jun. 2021


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