Binding of carbonic anhydrase IX to 45S rDNA genes is prevented by exportin-1 in hypoxic cells

Emanuele Sasso, Monica Vitale, Francesca Monteleone, Francesca Ludovica Boffo, Margherita Santoriello, Daniela Sarnataro, Corrado Garbi, Mariangela Sabatella, Bianca Crifò, Luca Alfredo Paolella, Giuseppina Minopoli, Jean Yves Winum, Nicola Zambrano

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Carbonic anhydrase IX (CA IX) is a surrogate marker of hypoxia, involved in survival and pH regulation in hypoxic cells. We have recently characterized its interactome, describing a set of proteins interacting with CA IX, mainly in hypoxic cells, including several members of the nucleocytoplasmic shuttling apparatuses. Accordingly, we described complex subcellular localization for this enzyme in human cells, as well as the redistribution of a carbonic anhydrase IX pool to nucleoli during hypoxia. Starting from this evidence, we analyzed the possible contribution of carbonic anhydrase IX to transcription of the 45S rDNA genes, a process occurring in nucleoli. We highlighted the binding of carbonic anhydrase IX to nucleolar chromatin, which is regulated by oxygen levels. In fact, CA IX was found on 45S rDNA gene promoters in normoxic cells and less represented on these sites, in hypoxic cells and in cells subjected to acetazolamide-induced acidosis. Both conditions were associated with increased representation of carbonic anhydrase IX/exportin-1 complexes in nucleoli. 45S rRNA transcript levels were accordingly downrepresented. Inhibition of nuclear export by leptomycin B suggests a model in which exportin-1 acts as a decoy, in hypoxic cells, preventing carbonic anhydrase IX association with 45S rDNA gene promoters.

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TijdschriftBioMed Research International
StatusGepubliceerd - 22 feb. 2015
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