Biobanking for interdisciplinary clinical research

P. H.J. Riegman, W. N.M. Dinjens, J. W. Oosterhuis

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Biobanking nowadays is mostly strongly determined by the specific aims of a research group in charge of the biobank, determining their own standards for the collection and annotation of samples. Often a long period is needed to build up the sample and data collections, especially when long-term follow-up data is required. Such collections need a long-term dedication and proper funding. Neglecting either sample number or annotation can result in insignificant or poor results. However, outcome of translational research does not only depend on the sample quality. In many cases it can also be improved to start the experimental design within a multidisciplinary team composed of clinicians including pathologists, molecular biologists, statisticians, bioinformaticians and tissue resource managers. Such a team, capable of careful evaluation of the numbers needed and which or what part of the samples are to be included, could help in obtaining far better results. Many lines of clinical research could benefit more efficiently from the wealth of information stored in well-preserved disease-oriented tissue sample collections with the proper annotations, when the infrastructure around biobanks and new collection build-up is well organized, standardized and streamlined. Future medical research will refine its scientific questions, demanding even further refinement of corresponding clinical information. In addition, larger sample collections are needed to study for instance multifactorial diseases. Today, the samples are collected for tomorrow, therefore, improvement is needed now in standardization, automated enrichment of annotations from hospital information systems and disease registries, insight in overlapping collections of different forms of tissue banking and cooperation in national and international networks.

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