Biopsy of bone tumours

C. J. Den Heeten, J. Oldhoff, J. W. Oosterhuis, H. Schraffordt Koops

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Bone biopsy is not only the most important step in the diagnosis of bone tumours, but since the introduction of chemotherapy, it has also become essential in the evaluation of treatment of highly malignant bone tumours. A total of 206 bone biopsies were performed on 136 patients seen between January 1, 1978 and August 1, 1982 (99 open and 107 drill biopsies). Complications during or after biopsy were relatively rare, and none were of a serious nature. Pathological fractures at sites of biopsies developed exclusively in patients given chemotherapy. In gaining adequate histologic material, the overall result of open bone biopsies (98%) was superior to that of drill biopsies (70%). The choice between both techniques was dependent on individual patient factors. Of the total of 206 bone biopsies, 10% proved not to be representative. It is concluded that, especially in patients given chemotherapy for a malignant tumour of a long bone, the possibility of a spontaneous fracture after a bone biopsy should be borne in mind.

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TijdschriftJournal of Surgical Oncology
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