Bone mineral density, body composition, and height in long-term survivors of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in childhood

Inge M. Van Der Sluis, Marry M. Van Den Heuvel-Eibrink, Karel Hählen, Eric P. Krenning, Sabine M.P.F. De Muinck Keizer-Schrama

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Background. Childhood leukemia has increasing numbers of survivors, so more emphasis is being placed on long-term effects. The ALL-6 protocol of the Dutch Childhood Leukemia Study Group involved high-dose dexamethasone and methotrexate and no cranial irradiation. Therefore, we studied the long-term effects on bone mineral density (BMD), body composition, and growth in survivors of nonhigh-risk ALL treated with the ALL-6 protocol. Procedure. Twenty-three subjects (12.2-25.4 years) participated in this cross-sectional study. Mean follow-up was 9.6 years (range 7.9-11.4 years). BMD of lumbar spine (LS) and total body (TB) and body composition were measured by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry; results are expressed as standard deviation scores (SDS). Bone mineral apparent density (BMAD(LS)) was calculated to correct for bone size. A questionnaire was administered to determine physical activity, calcium intake, and medical history. Results. Mean SDS for BMD(LS), BMD(TB), and BMAD(LS) were normal. None of the subjects had BMD below -2 SDS; one subject had BMAD(LS) below -2 SDS. Mean SDS for lean body mass, percentage fat, and height were not significantly different from zero. Calcium intake correlated positively with BMD. Nine subjects reported traumatic fractures (eight during or shortly after therapy). Conclusions. Ten years after ALL-6 treatment, no long-term side effects on height, BMD, or body composition were found in this small group of patients, despite high-dose dexamethasone and methotrexate. This study suggests that ALL treatment without cranial irradiation might not be associated with long-term side effects on growth and BMD. (C) 2000 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

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