Can immuno-oncology offer a truly pan-tumour approach to therapy?

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Increased understanding of cellular and molecular tumour immunology over the past two decades has enabled the identification of new and innovative ways to manipulate the immune response to cancer, with recent phase III trials in patients with metastatic melanoma and hormone-resistant prostate cancer providing proof-of-principle that immunotherapies can improve survival. Based on these successes, many new immunotherapies are being developed, including vaccines and other agents that prime or boost the immune system, T-cell modulatory agents, agents that enhance innate immunity and agents designed to inhibit immunosuppression within the tumour microenvironment. Current experience suggests that immunotherapies are a promising foundation to build treatment regimens for a variety of tumour types. Because many approaches target the immune system and not the cancer, immunotherapies are being evaluated in almost every tumour type, including those that were not previously considered likely to respond to immune manipulation. Immunotherapies also have potential for durable and adaptable cancer control at different stages of disease, including those with early-stage disease and low tumour burdens. To maximise benefits, however, it is likely that combination regimens with conventional cancer treatments or other immunotherapies will be necessary. In addition, the identification of biomarkers will allow further optimisation from a mechanistic and a patient selection perspective. Further advances in research will necessitate multidisciplinary collaboration among physicians, basic and translational researchers and the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that immuno-oncology becomes a cornerstone element in the development of cancer therapy.

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