Carboplatin dosing in children using estimated glomerular filtration rate: Equation matters

Mirjam E. van de Velde, Emil Den Bakker, Hester N. Blufpand, Gertjan L. Kaspers, Floor C.H. Abbink, Arjenne W.A. Kors, Abraham J. Wilhelm, Richard J. Honeywell, Godefridus J. Peters, Birgit Stoffel‐wagner, Laurien M. Buffart, Arend Bökenkamp

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Renal function‐based carboplatin dosing using measured glomerular filtration rate (GFR) results in more consistent drug exposure than anthropometric dosing. We aimed to validate the Newell dosing equation using estimated GFR (eGFR) and study which equation most accurately predicts carboplatin clearance in children with retinoblastoma. In 13 children with retinoblastoma 38 carboplatin clearance values were obtained from individual fits using MWPharm++. Carboplatin exposure (AUC) was calculated from administered dose and observed carboplatin clearance and compared to predicted AUC calculated with a carboplatin dosing equation (Newell) using different GFR estimates. Different dosing regimens were compared in terms of accuracy, bias and precision. All patients had normal eGFR. Carboplatin exposure using cystatin C‐based eGFR equations tended to be more accurate compared to creatinine‐based eGFR (30% accuracy 76.3–89.5% versus 76.3– 78.9%, respectively), which led to significant overexposure, especially in younger (aged ≤ 2 years) children. Of all equations, the Schwartz cystatin C‐based equation had the highest accuracy and lowest bias. Although anthropometric dosing performed comparably to many of the eGFR equations overall, we observed a weight‐dependent change in bias leading to underdosing in the smallest patients. Using cystatin C‐based eGFR equations for carboplatin dosing in children leads to more accurate carboplatin‐exposure in patients with normal renal function compared to anthropometric dosing. In children with impaired kidney function, this trend might be more pronounced. Anthropometric dosing is hampered by a weight‐dependent bias.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 1 dec. 2021


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