cDNA microarray profiles of canine mammary tumour cell lines reveal deregulated pathways pertaining to their phenotype

N. A.S. Rao, M. E. Van Wolferen, R. Van Den Ham, D. Van Leenen, M. J.A. Groot Koerkamp, F. C.P. Holstege, J. A. Mol

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Mammary cancer is the most common type of cancer in female dogs with a lifetime risk of over 24% when dogs are not spayed. The elucidation of the complete canine genome opens new areas for development of cancer therapies. These should be tested first by in vitro models such as cell lines. However, to date, no canine mammary cell lines have been characterized by expression profiling. In this study, canine mammary tumour cell lines with histologically distinct primary tumours of origin were characterized using a newly developed canine cDNA microarray. Comparisons of gene expression profiles showed enrichment for distinct biological pathways and were related to biological properties of the cell lines such as growth rate and in vitro tumourigenicity. Additionally, gene expression profiles of cell lines also showed correspondence to their tumour of origin. Major differences were found in Wnt, cell cycle, cytokine/Rho-GTPase, alternative complement and integrin signalling pathways. Because these pathways show an overlap at the molecular level with those found in human breast cancer, the expression profiling of spontaneous canine mammary cancer may also function as a biological sieve to identify conserved gene expression or pathway profiles of evolutionary significance that are involved in tumourigenesis. These results are the basis for further characterization of canine mammary carcinomas and development of new therapies directed towards specific pathways. In addition these cell lines can be used to further investigate identified deregulated pathways and characterize until now unannotated genes.

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TijdschriftAnimal Genetics
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StatusGepubliceerd - aug. 2008
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