Characterization of kinetoplast DNA networks from the insect trypanosome Crithidia luciliae

P. O. Weislogel, J. H.J. Hoeijmakers, A. H. Fairlamb, C. M. Kleisen, P. Borst

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1. We have used the restriction endonucleases EcoRI and PstI to further characterize the structural components of intact kinetoplast DNA networks from stationary phase Crithidia luciliae. 2. Endonuclease PstI cuts less than 7% of the mini-circles (the major component in the network) and appears to give a single cut in the maxi-circles, allowing the isolation of this minor component in linearized form. The molecular weight of these linearized maxi-circles, determined by electron microscopy with phage PM2 DNA as internal standard, is 22 · 106. 3. Electron micrographs of intact networks show DNA considerably longer than the mini-circle contour length (0.8 μm) either in the network or attached to the edge. This long DNA never exceeds the size of maxi-circles (10.2 μm) and it is completely removed by treatment with either endonuclease PstI or endonuclease EcoRI (which cuts the maxi-circles and about 20% of the mini-circles). We conclude that the long DNA in these networks represent maxi-circles and that long circular oligomers of mini-circles are (virtually) absent. 4. Complete removal of maxi-circles with endonucleases PstI or EcoRI has little effect on the overall structure of the network. This shows that the mini-circles are not held together on maxi-circle strings.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 20 sep. 1977
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