Clinicians’ perspective on the implemented KLIK PROM portal in clinical practice

Lorynn Teela, Maud M. van Muilekom, Lieke H. Kooij, Anouk W. Gathier, Johannes B. van Goudoever, Martha A. Grootenhuis, Lotte Haverman, Hedy A. van Oers

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Purpose: Since 2011, the evidence-based KLIK Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM) portal has been implemented in clinical practice in > 20 Dutch hospitals. Patients and/or parents complete PROMs on Health Related Quality of Life, symptoms and psychosocial functioning before their outpatient consultation. Answers are converted into an ePROfile and discussed by clinicians during consultation to monitor well-being over time and detect problems early. This study aims to get insight into the KLIK implementation from the clinician’s perspective. Methods: As part of the KLIK implementation process, annual meetings were held with multidisciplinary teams to evaluate the use of KLIK. An online questionnaire was sent regarding (1) overall satisfaction, (2) feeling competent to discuss PROMs, (3) use of KLIK during the consultation, (4) influence of KLIK on the consultation, (5) usability of the KLIK PROM portal, (6) satisfaction with PROMs and feedback, and (7) support of the KLIK expert team. Open questions about (dis)advantages were included. Descriptive analyses were used. Results: One hundred and forty-eight clinicians (response-rate 61%) from 14 hospitals in the Netherlands participated. Results show that: (1) clinicians report an overall satisfaction of median = 69/100 (visual analogue scale), (2) 85.8% feel competent discussing the ePROfile, (3) 70.3% (almost) always discuss the ePROfile, (4) 70.3% think that KLIK improves consultation, (5) 71.6% think KLIK is easy to use, (6) 80.4% are satisfied with the feedback of the overall KLIK ePROfile, (7) 71.6% experience sufficient support of the KLIK team. Conclusion: Participating clinicians are generally satisfied with KLIK. Improvements to the KLIK PROM portal are now realized based on the mentioned disadvantages (e.g., shorten PROM completion by use of PROMIS and integrating KLIK with Electronic Health Records).

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TijdschriftQuality of Life Research
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