Development of entrustable professional activities for paediatric intensive care fellows: A national modified Delphi study

Marije P. Hennus, Anneliese Nusmeier, Gwen G.M. van Heesch, Maaike A. Riedijk, Nikki J. Schoenmaker, Marijn Soeteman, Enno D. Wildschut, Tim Fawns, Olle Ten Cate

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Entrustable professional activities (EPAs), as a focus of learner assessment, are supported by validity evidence. An EPA is a unit of professional practice requiring proficiency in multiple competencies simultaneously, that can be entrusted to a sufficiently competent learner. Taken collectively, a set of EPAs define and inform the curriculum of a specialty training. The goal of this study was to develop a set of EPAs for Dutch PICU fellows. A multistage methodology was employed incorporating sequential input from task force members, a medical education expert, PICU fellowship program directors, and PICU physicians and fellows via a modified three-round Delphi study. In the first modified Delphi round, experts rated indispensability and clarity of preliminary EPAs. In the subsequent rounds, aggregated scores for each EPA and group comments were provided. In round two, respondents rated indispensability and clarity of revised EPAs. Round three was used to gain explicit confirmation of suitability to implement these EPAs. Based on median ratings and content validity index (CVI) analysis for indispensability in the first two rounds, all nine preliminary EPAs covered activities that were deemed essential to the clinical practice of PICU physicians. Based on median ratings and CVI analysis for clarity however, four EPAs needed revision. With an agreement percentage of 93–100% for all individual EPAs as well as the set as a whole, a high degree of consensus among experts was reached in the third round. The resulting nine PICU EPAs provide a succinct overview of the core tasks of Dutch PICU physicians. These EPAs were created as an essential first step towards developing an assessment system for PICU fellows, grounded in core professional activities. The robust methodology used, may have broad applicability for other (sub)specialty training programs aiming to develop specialty specific EPAs.

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TijdschriftPLoS ONE
Nummer van het tijdschrift3 March
StatusGepubliceerd - mrt. 2021
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