Distress and everyday problems in Dutch mothers and fathers of young adolescents with Down syndrome

Jan Pieter Marchal, Hedy A. van Oers, Heleen Maurice-Stam, Martha A. Grootenhuis, A. S.Paul van Trotsenburg, Lotte Haverman

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Background To provide targeted support to parents of children with DS, knowledge of their distress and everyday problems is crucial. For this purpose, psychosocial screening instruments can be a valuable addition to routine clinical practice. Aims To determine differences on a psychosocial screener concerning distress and everyday problems in parents of young adolescents (YAs) with DS versus control parents and in mothers of YAs with DS versus fathers. Methods and procedures We compared outcomes of the Distress Thermometer for Parents in 76 mothers and 44 fathers of 11–13-year-olds with DS versus 64 mothers and 52 fathers of age-matched children without DS (comparing mothers and fathers separately). Additionally, we compared mothers and fathers within 34 parent couples of YAs with DS. Outcomes and results Clinical distress was not more frequent than in control parents. Mothers further did not report more everyday problems and only differed from their controls on one problem domain and some problem items. Fathers, however, reported more problems than their controls across most domains and wished to talk to a professional about their situation more frequently. Outcomes in mothers and fathers within parent couples did not differ significantly. Conclusions and implications This is one of few studies to report on the use of psychosocial screening instruments in parents of children with DS. Our results suggested that attention for fathers of YAs with DS is required. Psychosocial screening instruments that inquire about specific problems and the wish for referral can play an important role in achieving this.

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TijdschriftResearch in Developmental Disabilities
StatusGepubliceerd - aug. 2017
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