Establishment of Pancreatic Organoids from Normal Tissue and Tumors

Else Driehuis, Ana Gracanin, Robert Gerhardus Jacob Vries, Hans Clevers, Sylvia Fernández Boj

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Establishment of patient-derived adult stem cell-based pancreatic (tumor) organoids was first described in 2015. Since then, multiple laboratories have demonstrated the robustness of this method. We recently described the generation of a pancreatic cancer biobank containing 30 well-characterized tumor organoid models. Here, we describe the applied methods in detail. Use of tumor-selective media prevents contamination with normal cells. Generated organoids can be cryopreserved and can serve as a living biobank of pancreatic cancer for biomarker identification and drug screening. For complete information on the generation and use of this protocol, please refer to Driehuis et al. (2019).

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TijdschriftSTAR Protocols
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StatusGepubliceerd - 18 dec. 2020


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