Factors influencing prognosis after initial inadequate excision (IIE) for soft tissue sarcoma

Albert N. Van Geel, Alexander M.M. Eggermont, Patrick E.J. Hanssens, Paul I.M. Schmitz

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Purpose. The influence of initial inadequate excision (IIE) of soft tissue sarcoma (STS) on local control and overall survival is not well established. It is generally believed that an IIE may have a negative impact on both, despite subsequent treatment by radical surgery and radiotherapy. However, data on local recurrence-free survival/overall survival are conflicting and there are no data on the effect of IIE on overall survival. Patients and methods. A retrospective analysis was made of 86 patients with soft tissue sarcoma of the extremities and trunk after an IIE had been performed due to inappropriate work-up. The minimal follow-up was 7 years. Specimens of the subsequent radical resection were evaluated for residual tumor, grade of tumor and complications of IIE. Endpoints were recurrence-free survival and overall survival. Results. Specimens of the subsequent radical resection showed residual tumor in 66 patients (77%). The most common complication after IIE was hematoma. In both univariate and multivariate analyses, grade II/III tumors and complications after IIE are significant negative prognostic factors for local recurrence-free survival (P=0.008 and P=0.002, respectively, in the Cox model). For this survival, three prognostic groups could be formed based on grade, or presence or absence of complications. Adjuvant radiotherapy did not change the rate of local recurrence-free survival. For overall survival, only tumor grade is a significant factor (log-rank test). Conclusion. This retrospective study shows that complications associated with an IIE have a significant negative effect on local control, but not on overall survival, because IIE is often the result of inappropriate work-up before surgery. For better diagnosis and therapy STS should be treated in specialized centers.

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