Further studies to ameliorate toxicity of carboplatin

W. W. Ten Bokkel Huinink, M. W. Dercksen, H. Van Tinteren

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The introduction of carboplatin as a replacement for cisplatin into treatment strategies against ovarian cancer has ameliorated major toxicities related to cisplatin, but carboplatin-evoked myelosuppression requires further study, especially since the addition of growth factors for bone marrow and hematologic support has been introduced into clinical practice. Since higher doses of platinating agents seem to be related to higher response rates, the protective effect of interleukin-3 on 800 mg carboplatin, a twofold increment over the usual dose, was studied. A modest myeloprotective potency was documented in the second treatment cycle of this aggressive chemotherapy program, but this effect tapered away in subsequent treatment courses, which occasionally included severe side effects (eg, headache, kidney function impairments). Another study addressed the anemia frequently observed with both cisplatin- and carboplatin-based treatment regimens in ovarian cancer, which is probably related to low erythropoietin levels. Very preliminary analysis of an ongoing phase III trial studying two erythropoietin doses given continuously subcutaneously versus a retrospective analysis of a 'control group' (drawn from historical data on the occurrence of anemia in cisplatin- and/or carboplatin-treated patients) has shown beneficial effects of erythropoietin during treatment with these platinating agents.

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