Hearing loss after platinum treatment is irreversible in noncranial irradiated childhood cancer survivors

Eva Clemens, Andrica Ch de Vries, Antoinette Am Zehnhoff-Dinnesen, Wim Je Tissing, Jacqueline J Loonen, Saskia Fm Pluijm, Eline van Dulmen-den Broeder, Dorine Bresters, Birgitta Versluys, Leontien Cm Kremer, Helena J van der Pal, Sebastian Jccm Neggers, Martine van Grotel, Marry M van den Heuvel-Eibrink

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Cisplatin and carboplatin are effective antineoplastic agents. They are also considered to be potentially highly ototoxic. To date, no long-term follow-up data from well-documented cohorts with substantial numbers of childhood cancer survivors (CCS) with platinum-related hearing loss are available. Therefore, in this study, we studied the reversibility of ototoxicity from discontinuation of treatment onwards in a national cohort of platinum-treated survivors with hearing loss at the end of cancer treatment. Of the 168 CCS with follow-up audiograms, we longitudinally evaluated the course of hearing function in 61 CCS who showed hearing impairment at discontinuation of treatment according to the Münster criteria (>20 dB at ≥4-8 kHz). Survivors were treated with platinum (median total cumulative dose cisplatin: 480 mg/m2 and median total cumulative dose carboplatin: 2520 mg/m2). Median follow-up time was 5.5 years (range: 1.0-28.8 years). The results showed that none of these survivors revealed improvement of hearing function even till 28.8 years after discontinuation of treatment (grade <2b during long-term follow-up). An increase in hearing loss with two or three Münster degrees was observed in five of 61 survivors after 1.6-19.6 years. Overall, this indicates that ototoxicity after platinum treatment may be irreversible and that longitudinal clinical audiological monitoring and care is required in long-term survivors of childhood cancer on a large scale.

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TijdschriftPediatric hematology and oncology
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StatusGepubliceerd - mrt. 2017


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