HMG box proteins in early T-cell differentiation

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The central theme of this review is the molecular basis for commitment of cells to the T-cell lineage. Principles of transcriptional regulation are illustrated by two examples; the role of GATA-1 during erythroid differentiation and the function of MyoD-like proteins in myogenesis. Several regulatory proteins have been described in the T-cell lineage. Here, we focus attention on the HMG box family of DNA binding proteins. This recently defined family can be divided in two subfamilies: the HMG/UBF and the TCF/SOX group. The first group contains at least two HMG boxes and binds DNA non-specifically, while the other group of proteins has one HMG box and interacts with DNA sequence-specifially. Characteristics of the most prominent members of both subfamilies will be discussed. In particular, we will address the role of HMG box proteins in controlling the expression of T-cell specific proteins during differentiation.

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