Impact of COVID-19 measures on a paediatric oncology outreach-program

Ibrahim El Salih, Pudjo H. Widjajanto, Festus Njuguna, Gertjan Kaspers, Saskia Mostert

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Paediatric oncology outreach‐programs have been effective development interventions to reduce inequalities in healthcare between high‐income countries (HIC) versus low and middle‐income countries (LMIC). Little is known about their sustainability during times of a pandemic. This study assesses the impact of COVID‐19 government measures on a paediatric oncology outreach‐program between three large referral hospitals in Netherlands (HIC), Indonesia (LMIC) and Kenya (LMIC). COVID‐19 government measures have impacted childhood cancer care at all three hospitals. However, disruptions in services are more prominent at partner sites in LMIC, increasing existing inequalities. COVID‐19 government measures have adversely affected the wellbeing of children with cancer in both HIC and LMIC, and the chances of survival of children with cancer in LMIC. Government leaders and policy makers should take collateral damage of their COVID‐19 policies and local settings into account to protect children with cancer in LMIC.

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StatusGepubliceerd - mei 2022


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