Long-term evaluation of intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring-assisted tethered cord surgery

S E Dulfer, G Drost, F Lange, H L Journee, F H Wapstra, E W Hoving

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PURPOSE: Patients with tethered spinal cord have been investigated for short-term effects after tethered spinal cord surgery in the past. However, little is known about the long-term effects in this patient group. In this retrospective, longitudinal, observational study, a patient sample of a previous report of 65 patients was reassessed to observe the long-term effects of intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring-assisted tethered cord surgery.

METHODS: With the use of patient charts and a survey, patients were scored on four domains: (1) neurological deficits, (2) urological deficits, (3) pain symptoms, and (4) orthopedic deficits. Measurements were performed at four moments in time: (1) preoperatively, (2) postoperatively, (3) follow-up 1 (4.6 years), and (4) follow-up 2 (11.2 years). Besides this, a subgroup analysis and a quality of life questionnaire were performed.

RESULTS: When observing the symptom domains in the long-term, the pain domain appeared to improve most postoperatively after which it remained stable over time. The neurological and urological domains showed a stable, slightly decreasing trend in the long-term follow-up. The orthopedic domain showed a significant increase of the number of patients with scoliosis during the long-term follow-up.

CONCLUSIONS: Lasting effects of stability in the neurological, urological, and pain domains were observed. Close monitoring during follow-up might contribute to early recognition of progressive scoliosis, in spite of detethering, in a risk group defined by females who underwent tethered cord surgery at or under the age of 12 years old with either lipomyelomeningocele, split cord malformation, or myelomeningocele. Detethering does not appear to protect these patients against progressive scoliosis.

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