MAPK-ERK is a central pathway in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia that drives steroid resistance

Jordy C.G. van der Zwet, Jessica G.C.A.M. Buijs-Gladdines, Valentina Cordo’, Donna O. Debets, Willem K. Smits, Zhongli Chen, Jelle Dylus, Guido J.R. Zaman, Maarten Altelaar, Koichi Oshima, Beat Bornhauser, Jean Pierre Bourquin, Jan Cools, Adolfo A. Ferrando, Josef Vormoor, Rob Pieters, Britta Vormoor, Jules P.P. Meijerink

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(Patho-)physiological activation of the IL7-receptor (IL7R) signaling contributes to steroid resistance in pediatric T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL). Here, we show that activating IL7R pathway mutations and physiological IL7R signaling activate MAPK-ERK signaling, which provokes steroid resistance by phosphorylation of BIM. By mass spectrometry, we demonstrate that phosphorylated BIM is impaired in binding to BCL2, BCLXL and MCL1, shifting the apoptotic balance toward survival. Treatment with MEK inhibitors abolishes this inactivating phosphorylation of BIM and restores its interaction with anti-apoptotic BCL2-protein family members. Importantly, the MEK inhibitor selumetinib synergizes with steroids in both IL7-dependent and IL7-independent steroid resistant pediatric T-ALL PDX samples. Despite the anti-MAPK-ERK activity of ruxolitinib in IL7-induced signaling and JAK1 mutant cells, ruxolitinib only synergizes with steroid treatment in IL7-dependent steroid resistant PDX samples but not in IL7-independent steroid resistant PDX samples. Our study highlights the central role for MAPK-ERK signaling in steroid resistance in T-ALL patients, and demonstrates the broader application of MEK inhibitors over ruxolitinib to resensitize steroid-resistant T-ALL cells. These findings strongly support the enrollment of T-ALL patients in the current phase I/II SeluDex trial (NCT03705507) and contributes to the optimization and stratification of newly designed T-ALL treatment regimens.

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StatusGepubliceerd - dec. 2021


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