Multiplex blood reporters for simultaneous monitoring of cellular processes

M. Sarah S. Bovenberg, M. Hannah Degeling, Seyedali Hejazi, Romain J. Amante, Marte Van Keulen, Judith W.M. Jeuken, Sepideh Akbaripanahi, Carmen L.A. Vleggeert-Lankamp, Marie Tannous, Pieter Wesseling, Thomas Wurdinger, Bakhos A. Tannous

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Reporters secreted into the conditioned medium of cells in culture or into blood in vivo have shown to be useful tools for simple and noninvasive monitoring of biological processes in real-time. Here, we characterize the naturally secreted Vargula luciferase as a secreted blood reporter and show that this reporter can be multiplexed with the secreted Gaussia luciferase and alkaline phosphatase for simultaneous monitoring of three different cellular processes in the same biological system. We applied this system to monitor the response of three different subsets of glioma cells to a clinically relevant chemotherapeutic agent in the same well in culture or animal in vivo. This system could be extended to any field to detect multiple processes in the same biological system and is amenable for high-throughput screening to find drugs that affect multiple cellular populations/phenomena simultaneously.

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TijdschriftAnalytical Chemistry
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StatusGepubliceerd - 5 nov. 2013
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