Normal values for tibial quantitative ultrasonometry in Caucasian children and adolescents (Aged 6 to 19 years)

M. H. Lequin, R. R. Van Rijn, S. G.F. Robben, W. C.J. Hop, C. Van Kuijk

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Bone densitometry in children is a relatively new topic of interest within the field of osteoporosis. Bone densitometry techniques using an X-ray source have the disadvantage of radiation exposure. Also on some systems, motion artifacts are caused by long scan times. Tibial quantitative ultrasonometry (QUS) is ideally suited for children as it is radiation free and the interactive measurement provides real-time quality control. In this prospective study, we present data from 596 healthy children - 309 girls, mean age 12.9 years (range 6.1-19.9), and 287 boys, mean age 12.3 years (range 6.1-19.6) from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. For all subjects, a short questionnaire regarding overall health was completed. To assess skeletal age, an X-ray of the left hand was taken and tibial QUS of the right tibia was performed using the SoundScan(TM) Compact. A statistically significant correlation was found between age and speed of sound (SOS) - r2(boys) = 0.52 and r2(girls) = 0.63 (both P < 0.001) and between skeletal age and SOS - r2(boys) = 0.56 and r2(girls) = 0.63 (both P < 0.001). In boys, significant increase of mean SOS is seen between Tanner stages II and III and between IV and V. In girls there is a significant increase of mean SOS among all Tanner stages, except stages II and III. This is the first study to present normative tibial QUS data for Caucasian children and adolescents. In this study, normative data relative to skeletal age are also provided, facilitating the implementation of this technique in children with growth disorders showing dissociation between calendar and skeletal age.

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