On the role of melanoma-specific CD8+ T-cell immunity in disease progression of advanced-stage melanoma patients

Monique Van Oijen, Adriaan Bins, Sjoerd Elias, Johan Sein, Pauline Weder, Gijsbert De Gast, Henk Mallo, Maarten Gallee, Harm Van Tinteren, Ton Schumacher, John Haanen

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Cytotoxic T-cell immunity directed against melanosomal differentiation antigens is arguably the best-studied and most prevalent form of tumor-specific T-cell immunity in humans. Despite this, the role of T-cell responses directed against melanosomal antigens in disease progression has not been elucidated. To address this issue, we have related the presence of circulating melanoma-specific T cells with disease progression and survival in a large cohort of patients with advanced-stage melanoma who had not received prior treatment. In 42 (68%) of 62 patients, melanoma-specific T cells were detected, sometimes in surprisingly large numbers. Disease progression during treatment was more frequent in patients with circulating melanoma-specific T cells, and mean survival of patients with circulating melanoma-specific T cells was equal to the survival of patients without melanoma-specific T cells. These data suggest that the induction of melanosomal differentiation antigen-specific T-cell reactivity in advanced stage melanoma is a late event most likely due to antigen load and spreading and is not accompanied by a clinically significant antitumor effect. These melanoma-specific T cells may be functionally distinct from T cells raised during spontaneous regression or up vaccination.

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TijdschriftClinical Cancer Research
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StatusGepubliceerd - 15 jul. 2004
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