Parental characteristics and functional constipation in children: A cross-sectional cohort study

Babette Peeters, Mana H. Vriesman, Ilan J.N. Koppen, Marieke Van Dijk, Martha A. Grootenhuis, Carlo Di Lorenzo, Marc A. Benninga

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Objective To evaluate personality, psychological health, physical health and childrearing practices in mothers and fathers of children with functional constipation (FC) compared with mothers and fathers of healthy controls. Design Cross-sectional cohort study. setting Outpatient paediatric gastroenterology clinic at a tertiary hospital in the Netherlands. Patients Parents of children (4–16 years) presenting with FC were included between January 2010 and August 2012. Participating parents were asked to recruit parents of another child of the same age without FC as their own controls. Data of 116 mothers and 115 fathers of 127 children with FC, and 84 mothers and 73 fathers of 91 children without FC were collected. Main outcome measures Parental characteristics were evaluated by using the NEO Five-Factor Inventory to assess personality, the Brief Symptom Inventory and Physical Symptom Checklist to assess psychological and physical health and the Ghent Parental Behavior Scale to assess childrearing practices. results Mothers of constipated children had significant higher scores on the neuroticism personality factor and reported higher rates of overall psychological distress and depression. Both mothers and fathers of children with FC reported significant more physical symptoms than parents of children without FC. Mothers of children with FC showed more positive childrearing practices compared with controls. conclusions Personality, psychological and physical health, and childrearing practices differ significantly between parents of children with FC and parents of control subjects. Parental factors should be taken into account when evaluating children with FC.

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TijdschriftBMJ Paediatrics Open
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StatusGepubliceerd - dec. 2017
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