Personalized medicine of methotrexate therapy

M. C.F.J. De Rotte, E. Den Boer, M. Bulatović Ćalasan, M. W. Heijstek, M. L. Te Winkel, S. G. Heil, J. Lindemans, G. Jansen, G. J. Peters, S. S.M. Kamphuis, R. Pieters, W. J.E. Tissing, M. M. Van Den Heuvel-Eibrink, J. M.W. Hazes, N. M. Wulffraat, R. De Jonge

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The 'one-carbon metabolism' research group of the department of clinical chemistry focuses on one-carbon, folate and vitamin B12 metabolism. One-carbon metabolism is crucial for human life because it generates a) purines and pyrimidines, the building blocks of RNA and DNA, and b) methyl-groups necessary for methylation reactions, which are essential in cellular regulation. We have linked derangements in one-carbon and folate metabolism to many diseases such as cardiovascular disease (1), neurodegenerative diseases, midline defects/congenital heart defects (2- 12), osteoporosis (13-15), infectious diseases (16), adult and pediatric arthritis (17-19), and cancer (20-23). In oncology, anti-folate Tomudex chemoteherapeutic drugs such as methotrexate (MTX) and pemetrexed (41) block crucial steps in one-carbon-metabolism and thereby inhibit DNA replication and growth of rapidly growing tissues. Anti-folates are also used in the treatment of malaria, arthritis and dermatological diseases like psoriasis. The aim of the one-carbon metabolism research group is to perform genetic and metabolic profiling of one-carbon-metabolism in order to investigate a) the regulation of its metabolism in health and disease, b) how derangements in its metabolism affect human diseases such as cancer, and c) how the folate status affects anti-folate therapy (personalized medicine) in patients in order to be able to individualize anti-folate therapy to obtain maximal efficacy with minimal toxicity (medicijn op maat). In this paper, we will focus on the MTX study.

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