Pervasive transcription fine-tunes replication origin activity

Tito Candelli, Julien Gros, Domenico Libri

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RNA polymerase (RNAPII) transcription occurs pervasively, raising the important question of its functional impact on other DNA-associated processes, including replication. In budding yeast, replication originates from Autonomously Replicating Sequences (ARSs), generally located in intergenic regions. The influence of transcription on ARSs function has been studied for decades, but these earlier studies have neglected the role of non-annotated transcription. We studied the relationships between pervasive transcription and replication origin activity using high-resolution transcription maps. We show that ARSs alter the pervasive transcription landscape by pausing and terminating neighboring RNAPII transcription, thus limiting the occurrence of pervasive transcription within origins. We propose that quasi-symmetrical binding of the ORC complex to ARS borders and/or pre-RC formation are responsible for pausing and termination. We show that low, physiological levels of pervasive transcription impact the function of replication origins. Overall, our results have important implications for understanding the impact of genomic location on origin function.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 1 dec. 2018


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