Predictiveness of the Human-CYP3A4-Transgenic Mouse Model (Cyp3aXAV) for Human Drug Exposure of CYP3A4-Metabolized Drugs

David Damoiseaux, Wenlong Li, Alejandra Martínez-Chávez, Jos H. Beijnen, Alfred H. Schinkel, Alwin D.R. Huitema, Thomas P.C. Dorlo

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The extrapolation of drug exposure between species remains a challenging step in drug development, contributing to the low success rate of drug approval. As a consequence, extrapolation of toxicology from animal models to humans to evaluate safe, first-in-human (FIH) doses requires high safety margins. We hypothesized that a human-CYP3A4-expressing transgenic (Cyp3aXAV) mouse is a more predictive model for human drug exposure of CYP3A4-metabolized small-molecule drugs. Population pharmacokinetic models based on wild-type (WT) and Cyp3aXAV mouse pharmacokinetic data of oral lorlatinib, brigatinib, ribociclib and fisogatinib were allometrically scaled and compared to human exposure. Extrapolation of the Cyp3aXAV mouse model closely predicted the observed human exposure for lorlatinib and brigatinib with a 1.1-fold and 1.0-fold difference, respectively, compared to a 2.1-fold and 1.9-fold deviation for WT-based extrapolations of lorlatinib and brigatinib, respectively. For ribociclib, the extrapolated WT mouse model gave better predictions with a 1.0-fold deviation compared to a 0.3-fold deviation for the extrapolated Cyp3aXAV mouse model. Due to the lack of a human population pharmacokinetic model for fisogatinib, only median maximum concentration ratios were calculated, resulting in ratios of 1.0 and 0.6 for WT and Cyp3aXAV mice extrapolations, respectively. The more accurate predictions of human exposure in preclinical research based on the Cyp3aXAV mouse model can ultimately result in FIH doses associated with improved safety and efficacy and in higher success rates in drug development.

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StatusGepubliceerd - jul. 2022


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