Processing and quality control of DNA array hybridization data

T. Beißbarth, K. Fellenberg, B. Brors, R. Arribas-Prat, J. M. Boer, N. C. Hauser, M. Scheideler, J. D. Hoheisel, G. Schütz, A. Poustka, M. Vingron

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Motivation: The technology of hybridization to DNA arrays is used to obtain the expression levels of many different genes simultaneously. It enables searching for genes that are expressed specifically under certain conditions. However, the technology produces large amounts of data demanding computational methods for their analysis. It is necessary to find ways to compare data from different experiments and to consider the quality and reproducibility of the data. Results: Data analyzed in this paper have been generated by hybridization of radioactively labeled targets to DNA arrays spotted on nylon membranes. We introduce methods to compare the intensity values of several hybridization experiments. This is essential to find differentially expressed genes or to do pattern analysis. We also discuss possibilities for quality control of the acquired data.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 2000
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