Proliferation and aneusomy predict survival of young patients with astrocytoma grade II

P H Wessels, A H N Hopman, B Kubat, A G H Kessels, E W Hoving, M I J Ummelen, F C S Ramaekers, A Twijnstra

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The clinical course of astrocytoma grade II (AII) is highly variable and not reflected by histological characteristics. As one of the best prognostic factors, higher age identifies rapid progressive A II. For patients over 35 years of age, an aggressive treatment is normally propagated. For patients under 35 years, there is no clear guidance for treatment choices, and therefore also the necessity of histopathological diagnosis is often questioned. We studied the additional prognostic value of the proliferation index and the detection of genetic aberrations for patients with A II. The tumour samples were obtained by stereotactic biopsy or tumour resection and divided into two age groups, that is 18-34 years (n=19) and > or =35 years (n=28). Factors tested included the proliferation (Ki-67) index, and numerical aberrations for chromosomes 1, 7, and 10, as detected by in situ hybridisation (ISH). The results show that age is a prognostic indicator when studied in the total patient group, with patients above 35 years showing a relatively poor prognosis. Increased proliferation index in the presence of aneusomy appears to identify a subgroup of patients with poor prognosis more accurately than predicted by proliferation index alone. We conclude that histologically classified cases of A II comprise a heterogeneous group of tumours with different biological and genetic constitution, which exhibit a highly variable clinical course. Immunostaining for Ki-67 in combination with the detection of aneusomy by ISH allows the identification of a subgroup of patients with rapidly progressive A II. This is an extra argument not to defer stereotactic biopsy in young patients with radiological suspicion of A II.

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TijdschriftBritish journal of cancer
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StatusGepubliceerd - 7 jul. 2003
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