Prospective cost-effectiveness analysis of genomic profiling in breast cancer

V. P. Retèl, M. A. Joore, C. A. Drukker, J. M. Bueno-De-Mesquita, M. Knauer, H. Van Tinteren, S. C. Linn, W. H. Van Harten

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Background The cost-effectiveness of the 70-gene signature (70-GS) (MammaPrint®) has earlier been estimated using retrospective validation data. Based on the prospective 5-year survival data of the microarRAy- prognoSTics-in-breast-cancER (RASTER) study, the aim here was to evaluate the cost-effectiveness reflecting the actual use in clinical practice, including reality-based compliance rates. Methods Costs and outcomes (quality-adjusted- life-years (QALYs)) were calculated in node-negative (N-) patients included in the RASTER study (n = 427). Sensitivity and specificity of the 70-gene and Adjuvant! Online (AO) were based on 5-year distant-disease-free survival (DDFS). Subgroup analyses were performed for two groups for whom benefit of the 70-gene had earlier been reported: (1) ductal, oestrogen receptor-positive (ER+), tumour diameter 10-30 mm, grade II, age 40-70; (2) ductal, oestrogen receptor-positive, tumour diameter 5-30 mm, grade II/III and age 40-70. Results Based on 5-year survival data, the cost-effectiveness of the 70-gene signature versus AO was prospectively confirmed. The total health care costs per patient were €26,786 for the 70-gene and €29,187 for AO. The quality adjusted life years yielded 12.49 and 11.88, respectively. The subgroups retrieved slightly higher life gains and higher costs, but all resulted finally in a favourable position for the 70-gene signature. Conclusions The use of the 70-gene signature, as judged appropriate by doctors and patients and supported by a low risk 70-gene signature as an oncological safe choice, was also found to be cost-effective.

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TijdschriftEuropean Journal of Cancer
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StatusGepubliceerd - dec. 2013
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