Psychometric qualities of the Dutch version of the Pediatric Inventory for Parents (PIP): A multi-center study

C. M.Jantien Vrijmoet-Wiersma, Josette E.H.M. Hoekstra-Weebers, W. M.G.Margreet De Peinder, Hendrik M. Koopman, Wim J.E. Tissing, Philip D.A. Treffers, Marc B. Bierings, Nathalie C.A. Jansen, Martha A. Grootenhuis, R. Maarten Egeler

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Objectives: Diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer are continuous stressors in the lives of the entire family involved. Disease-related tools for the assessment of parental stress and adaptation are scarce. For that reason, the Pediatric Inventory for Parents (PIP), a disease-related measure, was translated into Dutch and its psychometric qualities were determined to prove its value. Methods: The PIP and three other measures (State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, General Health Questionnaire and Parenting Stress Index, Short Form) were administered to 174 parents of 107 children diagnosed with cancer in three university medical centers in the Netherlands. Results: Internal consistency (Crohnbach's α = 0.94 and 0.95) and test-retest reliability (Pearson's r between 0.67 and 0.87) of the Dutch PIP total scales are satisfactory. Validity was illustrated by a high correlation between PIP-scores and anxiety and general stress. Confirmatory factor analysis showed acceptable fit to the data for the original four-factor and the one-factor models; the four-factor model showed slightly better fit. Conclusion: The PIP can be used in clinical practice to assess disease-related parental stress. Further psychometric testing is highly recommended.

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StatusGepubliceerd - apr. 2010
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