Psychometric Validation of the FACE-Q Craniofacial Module for Facial Nerve Paralysis

Anne F. Klassen, Charlene Rae, Lucas Gallo, Jonathan H. Norris, Kathleen Bogart, David Johnson, Nancy Van Laeken, Heather L. Baltzer, Dylan J. Murray, Marinka L.F. Hol, T. Teresa, Karen W.Y. Wong Riff, Stefan J. Cano, Andrea L. Pusic

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Background: Systematic reviews have identified the need for a patient-reported outcome measure for facial nerve paralysis (FNP). The aim of this study was to determine the psychometric properties of FACE-Q Craniofacial module scales when used in a combined sample of children and older adults with FNP. Methods: Data were collected between December 2016 and December 2019. We conducted qualitative interviews with children and adults with FNP. FACE-Q data were collected from patients aged 8 years and older with FNP. Rasch measurement theory analysis was used to examine the reliability and validity of the relevant scales in the FNP sample. Results: Twenty-five patients provided 2052 qualitative codes related to appearance, physical, psychological, and social function. Many patient concerns were common across age. The field-test sample included 235 patients aged 8-81 years. Of the 13 scales examined, all 122 items had ordered thresholds and good item fit to the Rasch model. For 12 scales, person separation index values were ≥0.79 and Cronbach's alpha values were ≥0.82. The 13th scale's reliability values were ≥0.71. Conclusion: The FACE-Q Craniofacial module scales described in this study can be used to collect and compare evidence-based outcome data from children and adults with FNP.

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TijdschriftFacial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1 jan. 2022


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