Quality of life after bone sarcoma surgery around the knee: A long-term follow-up study

W. P. Bekkering, J. C. van Egmond-van Dam, J. A.M. Bramer, A. Beishuizen, M. Fiocco, P. D.S. Dijkstra

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It remains unclear if quality of life (QoL) improvements could be expected in young patients after malignant bone tumour surgery after 2 years. To assess the course of QoL over time during a long-term follow-up, malignant bone tumour survivors of a previous short-term study were included. Assessments were done at least 5 years after surgery. QoL was measured with Short-form (SF)-36, TNO-AZL Questionnaire for Adult's Quality of Life (TAAQOL) and Bone tumour (Bt)-DUX. QoL throughout the follow-up was analysed by linear mixed model analysis. From the original cohort of 44 patients; 20 patients were included for this study, 10 males; mean age at surgery 15.1 years and mean follow-up 7.2 years. Twenty-one patients of the initial cohort (47%) deceased. Fifteen patients (75%) underwent limb-salvage and five (25%) ablative surgery. QoL improved significantly during follow-up at Physical Component Summary Scale scale of the SF-36 and TAAQOL and all subscales of the Bt-DUX (p <.01). No significant differences were found between current evaluations and previous evaluations at 2 years after surgery (p =.41–.98). Significant advantages after limb-salvage were seen at the PCS scale of the SF-36 (MD 13.7, p =.05) and the cosmetic scale of the Bt-DUX (MD 17.7, p =.04).

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TijdschriftEuropean Journal of Cancer Care
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StatusGepubliceerd - jul. 2017
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