Real-life data on the impact of successful downstaging in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: A Dutch Multicenter Study

Annelotte G.C. Broekhoven, Marta Fiocco, Dave Sprengers, R. Bart Takkenberg, Suzanne van Meer, Karel J. van Erpecum, Dewkoemar Ramsoekh, Hein W. Verspaget, Mark C. Burgmans, Susanne Osanto, Andrzej G. Baranski, Bart van Hoek, Minneke J. Coenraad

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Patients with Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer intermediate stage hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) theoretically are an excellent group to consider downstaging using locoregional therapy (LRT) since they do not have extrahepatic spread or vascular invasion. Once successful, this can change the treatment strategy from palliative to curative intention. Although downstaging therapy is suggested in guidelines, it is still not widely accepted. Moreover, studies on downstaging are mainly performed in high-incidence HCC countries. Therefore, our aim was to gain insight in therapeutic strategies in patients with intermediate stage HCC and their impact on intention-to-treat survival in a real-life setting in a low-incidence HCC country. We retrospectively analyzed data from the national Dutch HCC registry. From this database, consisting of 1409 patients with a diagnosis of HCC between 2005-2013 in 5 Dutch tertiary referral centers, we identified 165 patients with intermediate stage HCC. Out of these patients, 63 (38%) were not offered LRT, whereas 102 (62%) did receive LRT. Subsequently, 50 (49%) of the 102 patients who received LRT were successfully downstaged. Eleven patients (22% of successfully downstaged patients) eventually underwent liver transplantation. Cox regression analysis showed that a lower MELD score, an AFP value <100 ng/ml, successful downstaging and liver transplantation (all ≤p = 0.01) were positively associated to overall survival. In conclusion, our results demonstrate that LRT is not routinely offered to intermediate stage HCC patients in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, we showed that patients with intermediate stage HCC who are successfully downstaged have a survival benefit compared to those who were not.

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TijdschriftEuropean Journal of Internal Medicine
StatusGepubliceerd - mrt. 2022
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