Repeat isolated limb perfusion with melphalan for recurrent melanoma of the limbs

W. Martin, C. Klop, Bart C. Vrouenraets, Bert N. Van Geel, Alexander M.M. Eggermont, Joost M. Klaase, Omgo E. Nieweg, Bin B.R. Kroon

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BACKGROUND: Melanoma recurring locoregionally after isolated limb perfusion (ILP) constitutes a therapeutic dilemma. Major amputation is a deterrent option for local control and palliation in these patients who have a rather poor prognosis. Little is known about the feasibility and efficacy of repeat ILP in these situations. STUDY DESIGN: From 1978 to 1993, 28 patients with recurrent melanoma after ILP were retreated with various ILP procedures using melphalan. Eighteen patients underwent reperfusion by a single and four by a multiple normothermic schedule. Hyperthermia was applied in six repeat ILP procedures. RESULTS: A complete remission was achieved in 14 (74 percent) of 19 patients with measurable disease, with a median limb recurrence-free interval of 11 months. A partial remission was obtained in one patient (5 percent). Two patients had no change of disease and two patients had progressive disease. In the remaining nine patients, all macroscopic tumor tissue was excised before or during the repeat ILP procedure. The median limb recurrence-free interval of these nine patients was 15 months. After a median follow-up period of 30 months after repeat ILP, seven (25 percent) of the 28 total patients were alive without disease. Acute regional tissue toxicity was more severe after repeat ILP than after the first procedure (p<0.05). Long-term regional morbidity occurred in 11 percent of the patients. CONCLUSIONS: A high complete remission rate can be obtained with repeat ILP using melphalan. However, the high limb recurrence rate and relatively short limb recurrence-free interval need improvement. Increased acute regional toxicity after repeat ILP can be explained by the use of more intensive schedules.

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TijdschriftJournal of the American College of Surgeons
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StatusGepubliceerd - jun. 1996
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