Subsequent Primary Neoplasms: Risks, Risk Factors, Surveillance, and Future Research

Michael Hawkins, Smita Bhatia, Tara O. Henderson, Paul C. Nathan, Adam Yan, Jop C. Teepen, Lindsay M. Morton

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The authors’ objective is to provide a brief update on recent advances in knowledge relating to subsequent primary neoplasms developing in survivors of childhood cancer. This includes a summary of established large-scale cohorts, risks reported, and contrasts with results from recently established large-scale cohorts of survivors of adolescent and young adult cancer. Recent evidence is summarized concerning the role of radiotherapy and chemotherapy for childhood cancer and survivor genomics in determining the risk of subsequent primary neoplasms. Progress with surveillance, screening, and clinical follow-up guidelines is addressed. Finally, priorities for future research are outlined.

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TijdschriftPediatric Clinics of North America
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StatusGepubliceerd - dec. 2020


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