The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will create a disease surge among cancer patients

Michael Meyer, Ethan Bindelglas, Michael E. Kupferman, Alexander M.M. Eggermont

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With major parts of the United States in lockdown, parts of Europe and the UK possibly going back on lockdown or expecting a second COVID-19 wave and rapidly rising rates elsewhere other than Asia, many people are forgoing regular cancer screenings and prevention services. More worrisome, some may be experiencing early signs or symptoms, yet they are not seeking evaluation, treatment or surveillance examinations. The longterm impact of this on patients, families and health care providers will be substantial. Not only will this strain sophisticated health systems in developed countries, but it will also overwhelm the health care infrastructure in developing countries. Health-care executives, cancer center directors, oncologists and policy experts should focus now on serving this potential "third wave"of sick patients who have delayed treatment. Stopping COVID-19 is critical. However, it's also essential to plan for the coming wave of patients who have delayed seeking care or don't have access.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 2021


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