The Sox-13 gene: Structure, promoter characterization, and chromosomal localization

Jeroen Roose, Wouter Korver, Rosalie De Boer, Jeroen Kuipers, Jolanda Hurenkamp, Hans Clevers

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We have recently identified the HMG box transcription factor Sox-13 and described its expression during murine embryogenesis. Here we describe the structure of the murine Sox-13 gene. This gene spans approximately 12 kb and consists of 13 exons. The HMG domain is encoded by exons XI and XII, separated by an intron that is conserved among Sox-5, Sox-13, and Sox-17. A single major transcription initiation site was identified. Deletion analysis of the 3-kb promoter region revealed a 400-bp fragment driving transcription of a luciferase reporter in a Sox-13-expressing cell line. To determine the chromosomal localization of the human gene, a human SOX13 cDNA was isolated with 75% homology to the mouse Sox-13. FISH analysis mapped the human SOX13 gene to chromosome 1 band q32.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 15 apr. 1999
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