The state of research into children with cancer across Europe: New policies for a new decade

K. Pritchard-Jones, G. Lewison, S. Camporesi, G. Vassal, R. Ladenstein, Y. Benoit, J. S. Predojevic, J. Sterba, J. Stary, T. Eckschlager, H. Schroeder, F. Doz, U. Creutzig, T. Klingebiel, H. V. Kosmidis, M. Garami, R. Pieters, A. O'Meara, G. Dini, R. RiccardiJ. Rascon, L. Rageliene, V. Calvagna, P. Czauderna, J. R. Kowalczyk, M. J. Gil-da-Costa, L. Norton, F. Pereira, D. Janic, J. Puskacova, J. Jazbec, A. Canete, L. Hjorth, G. Ljungman, T. Kutluk, B. Morland, M. Stevens, D. Walker, R. Sullivan

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Overcoming childhood cancers is critically dependent on the state of research. Understanding how, with whom and what the research community is doing with childhood cancers is essential for ensuring the evidence-based policies at national and European level to support children, their families and researchers. As part of the European Union funded EUROCANCERCOMS project to study and integrate cancer communications across Europe, we have carried out new research into the state of research in childhood cancers. We are very grateful for all the support we have received from colleagues in the European paediatric oncology community, and in particular from Edel Fitzgerald and Samira Essiaf from the SIOP Europe office. This report and the evidence-based policies that arise from it come at a important junction for Europe and its Member States. They provide a timely reminder that research into childhood cancers is critical and needs sustainable long-term support. Copyright:

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StatusGepubliceerd - 9 feb. 2011
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