Tissue engineering; strategies, tissues, and biomaterials

Behnaz Bakhshandeh, Payam Zarrintaj, Mohammad Omid Oftadeh, Farid Keramati, Hamideh Fouladiha, Salma Sohrabi-jahromi, Zarrintaj Ziraksaz

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Current tissue regenerative strategies rely mainly on tissue repair by transplantation of the synthetic/natural implants. However, limitations of the existing strategies have increased the demand for tissue engineering approaches. Appropriate cell source, effective cell modification, and proper supportive matrices are three bases of tissue engineering. Selection of appropriate methods for cell stimulation, scaffold synthesis, and tissue transplantation play a definitive role in successful tissue engineering. Although the variety of the players are available, but proper combination and functional synergism determine the practical efficacy. Hence, in this review, a comprehensive view of tissue engineering and its different aspects are investigated.

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TijdschriftBiotechnology and Genetic Engineering Reviews
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StatusGepubliceerd - 3 jul. 2017
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