Transcription factors in early T-cell development

Hans C. Clevers, Mariëtte A. Oosterwegel, Katia Georgopoulos

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Characterization of the transcription control regions for most genes encoding the TCR-CD3 complex has been followed by identification of DNA-binding factors, some of which are restricted to lymphoid or T-lineage cells. The sequential expression of these factors is linked with the appearance of stage-specific T-cell markers, thus controlling the commitment of the elusive lymphoid progenitor cell and its progression along the T-lineage. Here, Hans Clevers, Mariëtte Oosterwegel and Katia Georgopoulos discuss recent progress made in the recognition of transcription factors that regulate these early events in T-cell ontogeny.

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TijdschriftImmunology Today
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StatusGepubliceerd - dec. 1993
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