Treatment of HIV infection with the CCR5 antagonist maraviroc

Wiete Kromdijk, Alwin D.R. Huitema, Jan Willem Mulder

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Importance of the field: The emergence of resistance in treatment-experienced HIV patients often limits therapeutic success of the currently available antiretroviral drugs. New drug classes are thus required. Maraviroc is the first chemokine receptor 5 antagonist approved for use in treatment experienced HIV patients with a R5-tropic virus. Areas covered in this review: For this review, data from pharmacokinetic, Phase II and III clinical trials were reviewed. What the reader will gain: The objectives of this review were to discuss the pharmacokinetics and clinical efficacy and safety of maraviroc in treatment-experienced and -naive HIV patients with R5-tropic virus. Additionally, tropism testing was discussed. Take home message: Maraviroc is effective in previously treated patients with R5-tropic virus only. Also, maraviroc will be an attractive option for HIV-1-infected treatment-naive patients with R5-tropic viruses only, once genotypic assays have been validated.

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TijdschriftExpert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy
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