Trophoblast calcyclin is elevated in placental tissue from patients with early pre-eclampsia

P. B.B. Schol, C. Güzel, E. A.P. Steegers, R. R. De Krijger, T. M. Luider

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The aetiology of pre-eclampsia is thought to originate from aberrant spiral artery remodelling and invasion evoking cellular oxidative stress. Previously, we discovered differentially expressed proteins in trophoblast cells of pre-eclamptic pregnancies. One of these proteins is calcyclin (S100A6); a Ca2+-binding protein associated with cellular stress response. By immunohistochemistry on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded placental tissue, calcyclin expression was compared between women with early pre-eclampsia (n = 72) and non-hypertensive control patients (n = 66) (χ2, p = 0.006) blindly by two observers. Significantly more intense staining was seen in trophoblast cells of pre-eclamptic pregnancies compared to control placentas suggesting that trophoblast calcyclin is elevated in early pregnancy .

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TijdschriftPregnancy Hypertension
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StatusGepubliceerd - jan. 2014
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