Usage of TCRAV and TCRBV gene families in human fetal and adult TCR rearrangements

Frank M. Raaphorst, Jeroen van Bergen, Renée Langlios van den Bergh, Maarten van der Keur, Ronald de Krijger, Jan Bruining, Maarten J.D. van Tol, Jaak M. Vossen, Peter J. van den Elsen

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We have investigated fetal and adult T-cell receptor (TCR) A and B V-gene repertoires both by fluorescence-activated cell sorter (FACS) analysis with the avialable TCR V region-specific mAbs and by the polymerase chain reaction (PRC) with TRC V gene family-specific oligonucleotides. Among the low number of CD3+ T cells, most of the TRC V region tested for could be detected by FACS analysis in liver, bone marrow, and spleen derived from a 14-week-old fetus and two 15-weeks-old fetuses. Similarly, the PCR analysis showed that the majority of the TCRAV and TCRBV families were expressed in the peripheral organs of the 13-week-old fetus, although an apparent absence of particular TCR V families was found in liver and bone marrow. This was most probably the consequence of the low number of CD3+ T cells in these organs. In 17-week-old week-old fetal thymi the level of expression of some TCRAV and TCRBV gene families, in particular those that contain single member, was lower compared to post-partum thymi and adult peripheral blood mononuclear cells. The combined data of FACS and PCR analysis demonstrate that TCR genes belonging to the majority of TCR V gene families can be used in TCR α and β chain rearrngements during early human fetal life. Our data also suggest that the expression levels of some of the single member TCR V gene families may be influenced by the development stage.

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StatusGepubliceerd - mrt. 1994
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