White matter lesions are not related to β-amyloid deposition in an autopsy-based study

Loes C.A. Rutten-Jacobs, Frank Erik De Leeuw, Lenny Geurts-Van Bon, Marije C. Gordinou De Gouberville, Annelieke N. Schepens-Franke, P. Jos Dederen, Wim G.M. Spliet, Pieter Wesseling, Amanda J. Kiliaan

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Population-based studies have investigated the relation between β-amyloid levels in cerebrospinal fluid or plasma and white matter lesions (WMLs). However, these circulating levels of β-amyloid in cerebrospinal fluid or plasma may not reliably reflect the actual degree of amyloid present in the brain. Therefore, we investigated the relation between WMLs and β-amyloid plaques and amyloid angiopathy in brain tissue. WML on MRI or CT were rated in 28 nondemented patients whose neuroimaging was available prior to death. β-amyloid in plaques and arterioles were immunohistochemically stained and quantified in postmortem brain necropsies. WMLs were present in 43% of the total population. Both cortex and periventricular region showed no differences for β-amyloid deposition in either plaques or blood vessel walls in patients with WMLs compared to those without WMLs. Thus, our results indicate that there is no relation between the degree of WMLs and β-amyloid deposition in the brain.

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TijdschriftCurrent Gerontology and Geriatrics Research
StatusGepubliceerd - 2011
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